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  1. 📷 started creating this word key yesterday https://t.co/DZeFFD08Ff Wed Apr 24 20:29:24 +000
  2. The brain tunes into consciousness, that’s why there are many cases of brain tissue removal with apparently no ill effects Wed Apr 24 18:10:49 +000
  3. The physical body is only somewhat supported by healthy nutrients, its main power comes from the astral body Wed Apr 24 18:09:35 +000
  4. Added large gauge to propane tank for water heater #offgrid #homestead @ Fern Forest, Hawaii https://t.co/Tn7JdUi3Cc Tue Apr 23 19:41:09 +000
  5. When you can only speak truth, no one will believe you Sun Apr 21 21:38:10 +000
  6. RT @archillect: https://t.co/zyR5gJj5sn Sun Apr 21 21:02:39 +000
  7. @intuitive_fish Not for everyone Sun Apr 21 20:47:03 +000
  8. I am not, considered bright because my light is blinding. I am not, considered good because my goodness is limitle… https://t.co/2qyutPdTqY Sun Apr 21 19:26:27 +000
  9. RT @mythistorian: All the talk about "balance" in so-called spiritual or pop-psychological wisdom bores me to death; a perfectly "balanced"… Fri Apr 19 20:11:10 +000
  10. RT @archillect: https://t.co/ofJrOvneWH Fri Apr 19 01:31:23 +000
  11. RT @finnegansreader: pangeant fluwed down the hisophenguts, a slake for the quicklining, to the tickle of his tube and the twobble of his f… Fri Apr 19 01:29:01 +000
  12. RT @TerenceMcKenna_: 'Drugs' and psychedelics are not two members of a family, they are antithetically opposed to each other. The pro-psych… Fri Apr 19 01:11:06 +000
  13. Triple negative veils produces a Sun:: Nun+Nun+Nun=50+50+50=150: 1+5+0=6=Vau :: N V (Nun Vau=scorpio taurus=50+6=56… https://t.co/yBhF1VzGSw Fri Apr 19 01:05:39 +000
  14. https://t.co/WtzCscmWYG Thu Apr 18 01:38:20 +000
  15. Only apply force after grounding Thu Apr 18 01:17:33 +000
  16. Clinging to personal control can make one feel out-of-control, relinquishing personal control puts you in-control of everything Wed Apr 17 20:43:31 +000

apart from coding web-based information interface applications, various forms of visual and audio artwork has been created and initiatory steps have been taken both spiritually and pragmatically as a homesteader.




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